revoox: Streamlined Mobile Devices Functional Test

revoox is a comprehensive multi brand functional test solution for automated mobile devices covering the complete service lifecycle.

Prevent Unnecessary Unit Returns

Optimize Repair Efficiency

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revoox – Features

revoox offers a wide range of features for optimized mobile device testing efficiency.

Turn-key solution

revoox is provided with a continuous New Product Introduction service (NPI), delivering model-specific test recipes at or shortly after product market launch. 

Automated testing

revoox provides fully automated testing methods using robotics, interacting with the device like customers in a defined, traceable way.

Parametric measurements

As part of automated testing, revoox performs qualified measurements, thus eliminating testing subjectivity.

Assisted Testing

In use cases where no automated equipment is accessible, revoox runs predefined tests, guiding users through a sequence of easy steps for testing the mobile device.

Optimized User Interfaces

For all use cases, each revoox tool comes with a user interface optimized for the relevant operator and interaction model.

Cloud Database

revoox uploads all test data into a database, building up device lifetime test- and performance history. 

Service Documentation Management

Seamlessly integrated to test tools, revoox stores customer-owned documents, selects relevant information for devices connected and provides easy access to operators.  

Automated Triage & Quality Assurance

100% automated testing as easy as it gets: triage and quality assurance are two use cases supported by our one-button operated robotics (test rack). Supported by robotics, the device functionality is verified by running full test sequences under controlled conditions. Here, the robotics interacts with the UUT (Unit Under Test) similar to a consumer: the most effective way catching failures reported by customers. According to model specifications, effective test recipes are continuously designed for new-launching products and automatically deployed to system users. Test results are uploaded to the cloud database for analysis and reference.


revoox - Triage & Quality Assurance


  • 100% automated functional testing: no operator interaction required during test execution
  • As easy as it gets: devices auto-detected, no manual selection of test options or recipes
  • Turn Key Solution: system hardware, test software plus model-specific test recipes with continuous New Product Introduction service (NPI)
  • Controlled testing environment: shielded test rack prevents external interferences
  • Defined test methods: tests executed identically unit by unit guaranty comparable results
  • Robotics interacts with device similar to customer: effective identification of reported defects
  • Test subjectivity avoidance: Parametric measurements to avoid test subjectivity
  • Prove of test: Test results are uploaded to cloud data base for reference and analysis

Eliminate manual testing efforts, remove subjectivity and operator dependency, plus running strictly repeatable tests under controlled conditions.

Subjectivity is a severe challenge in mobile devices after-market repair operations if testing is performed manually. Manual functional testing often leaves room for subjectivity and interpretation of test results. Depending on where in the internal process a misinterpretation occurs, different risks with considerable cost impact exist. revoox helps to overcome these challenges by providing automated tests: model specific, repeatable and under controlled conditions. Thus, monetary risks created by test subjectivity are eliminated.

revoox - Repair Assistance

Repair Assistance

revoox repair assistance provides a suite of individual assisted tests for technicians. Strictly aligned to the diagnostics methodologies, revoox repair assistance helps to duplicate customer tests – with previous test results in the cloud accessible as reference and leverage. Service documentation can be completely integrated to this tool: 1) service documentation relevant for exactly the auto-detected unit connected to revoox repair assistance is comfortably listed to operators and made available at a simple click of a mouse, 2) service directive bulletins can be integrated to assisted tests, their execution is tracked in the cloud data base linked to the unit ID just as other test results.



  • Robust and effective test methodologies minimize test subjectivity
  • Strict alignment of test methodologies to revoox diagnostics ensures end customer experienced issues are duplicated in repair centers – supports dramatic bounce rate reduction
  • Unit lifetime test history monitor
  • Intuitive user interface with device configuration display and test coverage monitoring
  • Seamlessly integrated access to customer service documentation repository: list information relevant for unit connected and track document usage
  • Bind service directive bulletins to assisted testing process. Prompt technicians for bulletin action confirmation, log responses per unit and upload to cloud database
  • Process enforcement feature ensures UUT always follow predefined customer service processes

Save time and costs during troubleshooting and repair & enforce the defined service processes.

Besides the assisted testing and the access to all previous test results, revoox repair assistance provides functionality to enforce process compliancy: By tying directive bulletins into testing and enforcing predefined processes, the risk of human errors in functional testing is significantly reduced. Consequently, financial risks of those mistakes are taken out of the process. Further, the cloud connectivity enables a fast deployment of updated service information directly to operators, thus supporting immediate process conformity even in decentralized organizations.


The revoox self-diagnostics app enables users to test their device before returning it to after-market service. The user interface and interaction model is optimized for end customers: it guides them through easy, standardized function tests. Self-diagnostics uploads test results into the cloud for being used for repair actions, if need be.


revoxx - Self-Diagnosis App


  • Intuitive user interface and interaction model optimized for end customers
  • Assisted tests guiding even unexperienced users through easy, standardized test sequences
  • Model specific testing
  • Test subjectivity of manual operation is minimized by intelligent test design
  • "What’s next" instructions rather than technical test results
  • Provides improvement recommendations for issues identified where feasible
  • Test results uploaded to cloud database

Identify true defects while units are still in customers’ hands & avoid unnecessary unit returns.

Following industry estimations, probably up to 60% of unit returns in the mobile device market are unnecessary because the device in question is not defective (NTF – No Trouble Found). Most of those returns are due to incorrect operations or false customer expectations of the unit performance. The revoox self-diagnostics app tackles this problem by empowering the owner to test the unit himself and by giving advice on how to solve possible issues. Thereby, not only costs created by unnecessary unit returns are avoided, but also the customer is prevented of giving out a unit loaded with private information.