Mobile Device Testing

revoox provides test solutions for front-end and back-end service. 

Two relevant factors contribute to the comparatively high costs of poor quality in the mobile communications industry:

  • The high number of unnecessary returns of non-defective devices
  • Ineffective methods of functional testing due to stand-alone solutions and subjectivity 
in testing

Our goal is to tackle both issues at once by providing a comprehensive, interconnected portfolio of functional test solutions.

revoox reduces unnecessary returns by implementing the Self-Diagnostics app to enable objective testing before a device is sent in for repair. Also, revoox minimizes labor utilization through fully automated testing methods using robotics. The tests run predefined, robust and effective test methodologies that minimize test subjectivity. All test data is uploaded into a cloud database, building up device lifetime test- and performance history. Test histories are provided to repair technicians for ensuring most effective repair actions and are used for service process control.

In our white papers we present in-depth examinations on the topic of functional service testing. Feel free to request them in the right-hand column.

About us

For more than 20 years, AMS has been a global partner of the mobile communications industry. We are active in the fields of Electronics Manufacturing Services, Software Development and Engineering 
with a strong emphasis on functional testing.

Since a lot of our customers belong to the mobile communications industry, we know the challenges within this industry. Revoox is the result of combining our skills and know-how to help addressing 
the industry-wide problem of comparably high Costs of Poor Quality.